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Welcome to Wholelif​e Wellne​ss

Cari Moffet - Owner/RMT

Welcome to Wholelife Wellness! This company started in 2008 with a dream of 'What would you do if you won the lottery.' Well, we didn't wait for the lottery but got busy building a Wellness Center as though we won! Along side my husband Dr. Craig Weran, we have built this company to look after the health and wellness of my home town community and surrounding areas with natural health products and services.

Besides managing the center, my first love is Massage Therapy. I am a 1998 graduate of the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy 2200 hour training in Saskatoon, SK. I am registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association which covers you for insurance claims. I have incorporated many modalities to my service menu and recently combined them all into one service: Integrated Massage Therapy.

I am also a Certified Medical Intuitive and have just begun to offer this service to the world. If you would like more information you can check out my personal website

I extend a huge welcome to you to check us out at Wholelife Wellness!